Friday, 18 November 2011

Press Release

Exhibition to show collaborative nature of Shropshire Artists

A group of Shropshire based artists and designers will be showcasing their work in an exhibition at The Hive Music and Media Centre in Shrewsbury from the 30th November to the 20th January 2012. ‘COLLABORATE’ will showcase a series of interdisciplinary projects which have been happening in Shrewsbury over the last six months. From fashion to film, branding to blurbs, the show documents a rising trend in skill sharing over monetary exchange.

“We are fortunate enough to have some really talented people on our doorstep in Shrewsbury. Through collaboration there are some really exciting new works being produced”, said Helen Foot, the exhibitions curator.

The projects are all live so the show will evolve over time, with work being added and taken away throughout the course of its opening. The public are also given the opportunity to revisit the gallery, to follow the steady progression of ideas and view resolved pieces at the end.

Exhibits include work by the ‘New Faces’, a group set up and nurtured by Sam Pooley of the hottest young designers in Shrewsbury. The group have designed all the branding for the exhibition. There is also new works by Richard Foot and Arron Fowler who recently formed R&A Collaborations following the success of their first two collaborative films being shown in The Power of Making exhibition at the V&A.

Arron said, “working in collaboration keeps your ideas fresh, helps you to understand your own practice and limitations and enables you to take risks that you might not have solo.”

The exhibition is open from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. 

For more information please contact Helen: e:, t: 07903103291 w:
The Creative Studio, Abbots House, Butcher Row, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1UW

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

First two films by R&A Collaborations

Top film - "Manipulator"
Bottom film - "I Am Fluid"

Manipulator was made in a single day featuring Helen Foot working on her loom. It was the first collaboration between Richard Foot and Arron Fowler, and marked the beginning of a blossoming partnership. The film was not planned out but was an exploration between the relationship of the weaver, and the loom. The film took 11 hours to make for the 2 minutes you see on screen. 

Helen  - "This was a really interesting experience for me. I'd never had a film made about my work before, and it was so fantastic to see the final result on show at the V&A."

I Am Fluid - The second film was created under the same guidelines and was shot in a single day. This film features local glass making artist Natalie Hildegarde Liege and is also at the Power of Making exhibition at the V&A. Richard and Arron are starting a new series of films today which will be shot over the course of a week and will feature 5 makers, two of which include our Collaborate artists Matt Sewell and Christophe Dillinger.