Wednesday, 2 November 2011

First two films by R&A Collaborations

Top film - "Manipulator"
Bottom film - "I Am Fluid"

Manipulator was made in a single day featuring Helen Foot working on her loom. It was the first collaboration between Richard Foot and Arron Fowler, and marked the beginning of a blossoming partnership. The film was not planned out but was an exploration between the relationship of the weaver, and the loom. The film took 11 hours to make for the 2 minutes you see on screen. 

Helen  - "This was a really interesting experience for me. I'd never had a film made about my work before, and it was so fantastic to see the final result on show at the V&A."

I Am Fluid - The second film was created under the same guidelines and was shot in a single day. This film features local glass making artist Natalie Hildegarde Liege and is also at the Power of Making exhibition at the V&A. Richard and Arron are starting a new series of films today which will be shot over the course of a week and will feature 5 makers, two of which include our Collaborate artists Matt Sewell and Christophe Dillinger.   

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  1. I would work all in one team with Bjork, Messiaen, Benjamin Britten, Joseph Beuys, Louise Bourgeois, Middle ages stained glass craftsmen to create somthing between sculpture, music and light, all with colour and technically very contemporary.